Trend Micro Partner Summit

From the emergence of nation state attacks aimed to destabilise targeted organisations and countries, to everyday CEO scams facilitated by Business Email Compromise. In order to support their customers, all organisations must evolve with the times and ensure their security strategy is sufficient in guarding against threats old and new. Now in its 5th year, Trend Micro’s partner summit is heading to a new destination. Chamonix in France. A beautiful setting beneth the cliffs and tumbling glaciers of the Mont Blanc massif.

Our guest speakers in 2019 will share their perspectives on digital transformation, the new security operational models driven by cloud adoption and why security approaches need to evolve. We are delighted to be once again joined by 4 times Winter Olympian, Chemmy Alcott, who’ll be hosting guests throughout the event and new to this year managing the Trend Micro Race Day (see agenda)

With over 40 guests being invited in 2019, this event will provide unparalleled networking opportunities for you to build relationships and share strategies with your industry peers.

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We hope to see you at the 2019 leadership summit.

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